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|Features Overview|

- The silhouette is between micro cocoon and tapered pants, which can be freely changed and mixed with various styles.

- Cut lines in the middle of the pants modify the body shape and visually make the legs more slender

- Slightly deepened front and rear crotch to enhance vision and ensure leg room.

- The large pocket is inserted diagonally on the side of the body. The content of the pocket is very sufficient and practical.

- The inside of the left pocket is designed with an anti-theft clip pocket and zipper, which is large enough to store important small items such as mobile phones or passports.

- Built-in elastic band at the back of the waist to increase the amount of movement and make wearing more comfortable

|Fabric accessories|

- MIT's special functional blended cotton fabric made in Taiwan has the skin-friendly feel of natural cotton and the dry comfort of functional fabrics

- The fabric’s exclusive 4x super-fast drying technology is specially designed for Taiwan’s humid and hot climate all year round.

- MIJ double-color pocket lining fabric imported from Japan, has excellent hand feel, silky smooth and high durability

- MIJ high-density resin imported from Japan The waistband buckle has the characteristics of high hardness, water resistance, not easy to fade, and anti-static.

|Environmentally friendly clothing label|

- Retro-washed look, Made in Taiwan, OEKO-TEX certified

- The ink is a non-toxic ink imported from the UK and specially designed for environmentally friendly textiles with European regulations.

(The OEKO-TEX mark is one of the world's most famous textile industry marks. It is used to detect whether textiles and garments contain harmful substances that affect human health, and serves as a reference for people to purchase environmentally friendly textiles.)

 |Design Concept|

It took two years to revise it back and forth, and finally it was set as a high-performance trousers that is different from ordinary suit trousers.

The material is made of MIT special functional blended cotton fabric. Smooth and quick-drying with special functionality,
Even in hot summer, you can feel the skin-friendly and dry feeling of cotton and nylon when worn for a long time.
Whether you are a sedentary office worker or For long-term outdoor use , it can easily adapt to Taiwan's humid climate in all seasons.

Visually enjoy the casual and natural drape of cocoon-shaped pants. The simplicity and neatness of tapered pants,
Special front and rear crotch panels enhance the side weight and leg movement space.
Paired with the elastic band on the back waist, it greatly improves the wearing range and comfort.

The fabric has a certain stiffness, so the trouser legs can be rolled up easily and neatly, making the outfit more versatile.
There is a special semi-oblique large pocket on the side, extending from the front edge of the thigh to the back of the leg.
The capacity of the large pocket is very sufficient, and the inner layer is made of two-color lining cloth imported from MIJ Japan, which feels extremely comfortable.
In addition, to increase convenience and safety, a small ingenious addition is added to the left pocket.
The interior is equipped with hidden inner pockets and YKK zippers, which can hold small items without fear of them falling out.
Common daily accessories, such as coin purses, keys, mobile phones, and headphones can be inserted.
And because of its hidden settings that cannot be seen from the outside, it is easy to use when going abroad. The passport just fits in, and it also has anti-theft function.

It is a versatile trousers style that does not matter gender or age and meets 90% of most people’s daily needs.

|Size Guide|

It is recommended to use "waist circumference" as the main reference:

S is suitable for waist size 28 - 31 cm and recommended height is 155 - 165 cm

M is suitable for waist size 30-34, recommended height 165-175 cm

L is suitable for waist size 32-35 and recommended height is 175-185 cm

Model A: 168cm 62kg, wearing M (LoLoFu)

Model B: 184cm 68kg, wearing L

Model C: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model D: 161cm 60kg wearing S

|Ping volume data|

S Waist 73-79/Front length 29/Leg length 66/Leg width 19/Hip 107/Pant length 96

M Waist 78-84/Front length 30/Leg length 67/Leg width 20/Hip 114/Pant length 97

L Waist 82-89/Front length 31/Leg length 67/Leg width 21/Hip 122/Pant length 98

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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