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|Features Overview|

- Loose tapered The pants have a slightly cocoon silhouette that tapers from the knees to the hem. Neat and easy to move around

-Double discount three-dimensional pleat details: the waist and hips present a plump three-dimensional sense, which can be casual or formal

- Equipped with six pockets: overlapping slant pockets and zipper pockets on both sides, and two pockets on the back

-The back half circle of the waist is elasticated to increase the waist circumference that can be worn and the comfort of long-term sitting.

-The front crotch panel and back pocket are equipped with MIJ high-density resin waist buckles imported from Japan, which are solid and durable.

- Japanese custom YKK Sunset orange zippers and brand-customized ribbons are used as guides on both sides.

|Introduction to Fabric|

- Using top gauge CORDURA®combat wool™ technical wear-resistant wool, elegant texture, tough and durable

- CORDURA® yarn has high abrasion resistance, excellent tear strength and UV resistance

- Wool gives the fabric an elegant and high-end feel Drape feeling, Excellent hygroscopicity, natural antibacterial, and good warmth retention function

- No ironing required, not easily deformed or wrinkled, machine washable (⚠️This fabric cannot be ironed)

- MIJ imported two-color pocket suit lining from Japan, has excellent hand feel, silky smooth and high durability

- MIJ high-density resin waist buckle imported from Japan, features high hardness, washability, not easy to fade, anti-static, etc.

|Creative Concept|

The Japanese team went through many months of material selection, design, revision and discussion.
Finally, 002 was born - a gift for Japan's first anniversary.
Regardless of the year, this is a beautiful bottom layer that can accompany you for many autumns and winters - 002 wool double discount tapered pants.

002 adopts top specifications CORDURA®combat wool™ technology wear-resistant wool,
Composed of 66% Cordura Nylon, 30% Wool, 4% Spandex,
CORDURA®combat wool™ is different from traditional wool.
Its appearance retains the natural and elegant texture of wool.
However, it does not have the thorny feeling of traditional wool, which greatly reduces the foreign body feeling.
The wearer feels quite smooth against the skin, and the surface in contact with the skin feels comfortable.
It does not irritate the skin and can be used safely even on sensitive skin.

Because its blended CORDURA® yarn has high abrasion resistance,
Compared with traditional wool, it is less prone to pilling and is more secure to use.
And it has the luxury of excellent tear resistance and a certain degree of anti-UV function.
Combined with wool's superior hygroscopicity, natural antibacterial and warmth-keeping functions,
Suitable for daily and outdoor wear in various environments.

Maintenance is also more convenient than traditional wool.
This fabric has been treated with anti-shrinkage to prevent wrinkles and deformation.
Washable and machine washable, no ironing required (iron is not recommended),
It is very convenient to carry and store when traveling on business or abroad.

In terms of format, 002 is a Japanese experimental brand-specific work.
It is set to a loose tapered silhouette with versatile genes and is not flattering on the body shape.
Number 002 echoes the double folding design on the waist.
The depth of the pleats and the position of the pleats are adjusted through countless subtle adjustments.
To achieve the most natural and coordinated upper body effect and visual hierarchy,
It also creates a sense of volume for the waist and hips, providing enough room for movement.
Under the overall loose silhouette, it is appropriately narrowed from the knee to the hem.
The pants themselves have a beautiful neat tapered shape whether stationary or moving.

The unique beauty of this wool double pleated tapered trousers is not limited to the shape of the trousers themselves.
It’s the interaction between light and fabric,
The changes in light and dark intertwined by natural wrinkles,
Through the combination of Japanese unique style and technical wear-resistant wool material characteristics,
Whether it is for daily use, important occasions, or social activities,
A rare texture choice.

|Washing suggestions|

Before washing, turn the pants inside out and put them in a laundry bag.
Use neutral detergent or wool-specific detergent, and machine wash normally with cold water.
The technical wool fabric is pre-shrunk and does not need to be ironed after washing (iron is not recommended)
Natural air drying is the best maintenance method. Do not expose it to heat.

|Color inspiration|

SANDALWOOD sandalwood (limited color)
The mature and quiet sandalwood color is a rare and calm brown-gray.
The tone is a lighter shade of weathered wood.
Just like burning incense gives people a relaxing sense of calm.

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg, wear M loose

Model: 173cm 65kg, wear M

Model: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model: 184cm 68kg, wearing L

Model: 161cm 60kg, wearing S

Height 155-165, it is recommended to use S

Height 165-175, it is recommended to use M

Height 175-185, it is recommended to use L

Height 180-190, it is recommended to wear XL

This version of 002 is loose, you can choose the recommended size according to your actual height.
The best results can be achieved if the height is just in the middle of the two recommended sizes.
Choose the smaller size for a slightly loose fit, or the larger size for a relaxed fit.

|Ping volume data|

S waist 66-76 (w26-30) / front crotch length 31 / inseam length 70 / pants length 99 / hip width 58 / pants width 18

M waist 72-82 (w30-33)/front crotch length 32/inseam length 72/trouser length 102/hip width 60/trouser opening width 20

L waist 78-88 (w32-35) / front crotch length 33 / inseam length 74 / pants length 105 / hip width 62 / pants width 21

XL waist 82-92 (w34-38) / front crotch length 34 / inseam length 76 / pants length 107 / hip width 64 / pants width 22

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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