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|Features Overview|

- unrestrained Loose-fitting short top suitable for early spring onion style wear

- The back is sewn and cut in an inverted T shape, with different stitching methods in the vertical and horizontal directions.

- There are no seams on the shoulders , showing a naturally rounded arc.

- Brand customized color selection LOGO double-layer three-dimensional printing

|Introduction to Fabric|

-Made from 80% Rayon and 20% Polyester blend

- Very generous portion, smooth to the touch, Skin-friendly, comfortable and elastic, not easy to wrinkle

|Creative Concept|

This LOOSE SEIZE LOGO “T” TEE is a brand-specific version.

Taking the loose version as the keynote, the most basic T-shirt is deconstructed and reorganized .
Use special cutting structures to create styles that suit various body types.
Its round shoulders are seamlessly cut with a loose and square silhouette.
After several detailed corrections, adjustments and actual upper body measurements of different body types,
In order to meet the needs of various heights and body shapes,
The shape of the stitching on the back is like an inverted T, hence the name "T" TEE.
The design is based on daily use that can be easily used by everyone.

This fabric is made of 80% Rayon and 20% Polyester blended fabric.
At the same time, it has the smooth feel of Rayon and the wide effect brought by polyester fiber.
The overall touch is delicate and silky, skin-friendly and comfortable. If you look closely, it has a vertical texture like bamboo slices.
The special fabric structure creates an elegant texture.
It can be matched with items of different materials as you like without any restrictions.
And it has just the right amount of weight , so it doesn’t look thin even when worn alone.
It is the brand's first LOGO TEE, a super everyday style .

This time, three basic colors of black, gray and white are launched.
Equipped with LOGO double-layer three-dimensional printing on the chest,
Double-layer offset printing is not only more visual than ordinary printing, but also
It also feels more layered and textured.
The LOGO is interpreted in the grayscale color system representative of the brand.
And the three colors of black, gray and white are matched with different gray tones respectively.
With extremely subtle color differences that are difficult to distinguish at first glance,
To achieve the most harmonious, low-key and unobtrusive visual effect,
Through tailoring, fabrics and details, they complement each other.
It is a piece worth savoring carefully when collecting.

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg, wearing M

Model: 173cm 65kg, wear M

Model: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model: 161cm 60kg, wearing S

|Ping volume data|

S length 75/chest width 56.5/shoulder width 59/sleeve length 25/hem width 58

M clothing length 78/chest width 59.5/shoulder width 61/sleeve length 26/hem width 60

L length 79.5/chest width 62.5/shoulder width 63/sleeve length 27/hem width 62

XL length 80.5/chest width 64.5/shoulder width 63/sleeve length 28/hem width 64

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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