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|Introduction to Fabric|

- Brand customization MIT made in Taiwan Environmentally friendly nylon material, Ultra-light weight, no burden for long-term use

- Ultra-high sun protection factor: After inspection, it can block 99% UVA/UVB and resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

- Slightly water-repellent surface treatment, can withstand short-term light rain in the afternoon, easy to carry in the city and when traveling

- The brand's custom-made self-dyed pearl khaki color has textured micro-wrinkles on the surface of the fabric, giving it a delicate and high-end feel.

|Creative Concept|

The inspiration comes from golf hats, because golf is a long-term outdoor activity.
In addition to having functional conditions such as sunshade and rain shelter,
It must also be ensured that it remains comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The hat shape setting retains the unique streamlined feel of the golf hat.
And it has a stronger head fit than ordinary hats.
The brim of the hat adopts a short brim specially customized by the Japanese department.
shorten The length of the brim reduces the sense of outdoor movement.
The brim of the hat can be adjusted to fit the width of your face by manually bending it.
The neat hat body gives it excellent daily matching, making it more suitable for daily wear and urban commuting.
In order to cope with Taiwan's hot and humid climate, streamlined half-moon-shaped breathable mesh is used on both sides of the hat body.
It has excellent breathability and effectively increases the cooling effect of the head.

The body material is made of Japanese 23SS TECH SUN PROTECTION series.
The same high sun protection factor fabric combines functions such as mild water repellency, high breathability, and high moisture permeability.
Unreservedly infused into this hat, it provides the ultimate in invisible protection.

This fabric is also tear-resistant, extremely light, and weightless.
There is almost no weight on the head when worn, and it is easy to store and carry when traveling.
Not only can it effectively withstand the scorching sun and sudden changes in weather, it can also provide all-day wearing comfort.
It is a hat style that is suitable for all seasons, genders and head types.

|Color inspiration|

Tana Green Tana Gray Green

The gray-scale color selection that Japan is good at, combined with the special green color,
Create a unique summer color selection with a refreshing visual experience,
Refreshing color for your hot summer.

|Size Guide|

FREE SIZE adjustment cord is elastic

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