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|Features Overview|

- MIT independently develops fabric production,

It has a natural texture and smooth texture, and has excellent windproof and water-repellent properties.

- 3D three-dimensional cape-style tailoring and curved puff sleeves , double folding design at the elbows to increase movement space and three-dimensional vision

-Loose oversize version, large dropped shoulders, comfortable and unrestricted movement, easy to layer from winter to spring

-The collar is designed with a built-in hood, which can be freely retracted and retracted to meet different occasions, climates, and combinations.

-Multi-pocket configuration: three-dimensional large flap pocket on the front, zippered side pockets on the back of the flap pocket,

Hidden zip pocket on left chest

- The zippers are all strong and smooth Japanese YKK zippers and sliders with brand-customized handles.

- Adjustable elasticated cuffs made of high quality Velcro felt

- The windproof hood and hem are equipped with adjustable rope buckles on both sides to provide more windproof and warm insulation that fits your body shape

- There are ventilation holes in the V-shaped panel on the back to ensure comfort during long-term use

- The interior is customized with the brand's MIT mesh lining, equipped with the brand's high-density woven label, and has the image of the Chinese name "氪日"

|Introduction to Fabric|

- MIT 100% nylon fabric made in Taiwan , feels delicate, tough and durable

-The surface is highly water-repellent and uses water-repellent agents that are less harmful to the environment.

-Excellent windproof effect and high breathability , comfortable and not stuffy to wear

-The interior is lined with high-specification smooth mesh, which feels silky and delicate.

- The brand's self-dyed dyeing and washing color fastness reaches level 4, and it is not easy to fade after repeated washing.

|Creative Concept|

Winter in Taiwan is short, so we want to extend the time the jacket can be used as much as possible.

Its inspiration combines the functionality of mountaineering parkas,
The cape has a very wide A-line silhouette,
Combining the functionality and special appearance features of both,

Through Japan’s unique tailoring and custom dyeing options,
Maximize uniqueness and everyday practicality.
The shell fabric is made of high-specification nylon fabric made in Taiwan.
From yarn to fabric, everything is independently developed and produced.
It has a matte glossy appearance and soft touch.
In terms of function, it has excellent moisture permeability, breathability and water-repellent functions.

The color of this jacket is an exclusive custom color that the brand took more than half a year to order and dye.
The color tone continues the calm gray-blue of Daybreak Hoodie, but pulls out some of the blue elements.
Pull the color scale to a gray scale with lower saturation and chroma, and a stronger sense of atmosphere and recognition.
Create this very unique, noble and slightly military wolf gray color.
Like a arrogant gray wild wolf with a cold personality, quietly observing its prey in the snow.

Taking into account layered onion-style wearing in winter, in order to effectively increase the matching possibilities of jackets,
The version adopts an extremely loose Loose Fit cut, with large dropped shoulders and special three-dimensional movable panels under the armpits.
The elbows are cut with 3D double folds for easy movement. When the arms droop, the fabric will naturally accumulate.
The creases at the elbows create a sense of relaxation, which not only adds a sense of design and three-dimensionality,
More effectively expands the range of physical activities during daily use,
In winter, wear it with thicker tops or mid-layers such as Hoodies and sweaters.
You will not feel restricted when bending or raising your arms.
The windshield that runs from the collar to the hem provides excellent wind protection.

There are metal buttons under the windshield, which can be used in different ways according to wearing habits or weather changes.
There are ventilation holes in the V-shaped panel on the back to ensure comfort for long-term use.
In terms of daily functionality, it is designed with a multi-pocket configuration and a built-in hood that can be freely retracted.
There is a windproof hood made of the same shell material inside the hidden zipper at the neck. When folded, the jacket has a neat and wide stand-up collar shape.
When opened, the windproof hood can fully cover the head, which can meet the needs of different occasions, changing weather, and matching clothing.

In terms of pockets, there are a total of five practical pockets, and there is a large flap pocket on each side of the waist.
The three-dimensional tailoring is equipped with a custom-made latch buckle, making it easy to put in and take out multiple items.
It can also be used as a hand pocket when opened, and there are two large side pockets under the flap bag.
And equipped with Japanese YKK zippers that are smooth and easy to pull, strong and durable.
Effectively increases the safety of placing items, and is equipped with brand-customized guides to improve auxiliary use.
The fifth pocket is low-key and is set under the tailoring line on the left side of the chest. It is a hidden zipper pocket.
The size can store various important belongings such as mobile phones, headphones, wallets, etc.
And the inclined downward direction makes it very easy to operate with one hand.
The multi-pocket configuration not only makes this jacket highly functional,
Clever placement allows it to maintain a neat and simple appearance.

In terms of details, there are many customizable adjustment settings, and the cuffs are designed with adjustable Velcro felt.
Choose high-quality materials, which will be firm and not thorny when applied.
The built-in windproof hood and hem are equipped with adjustable drawstrings on both sides .
Subtle contour adjustments can be made to achieve different wearing effects.
It can also provide better windproof and thermal insulation functions.

The inside of the jacket is also the focus of this model, and is lined with high-quality silky mesh.
Extremely smooth feel, providing excellent comfort.
And it can be easily matched with tops or mid-layers made of various materials .

This jacket not only has the noble atmosphere of the wolf in its color, but also
It also has the characteristics of a wolf in terms of functionality,
Achieve the omnipotence of running, jumping, running, jumping, leaping and running in daily use,
It is a product that combines daily functions, comfort and appearance.
A rare all-season all-round functional jacket.

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg, wearing medium loose

Model: 173cm 65kg, wear M

Model: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model: 184cm 68kg, wearing L

Model: 161cm 60kg, wearing S

Height 155-165, it is recommended to use S

Height 165-175, it is recommended to use M

Height 175-190, it is recommended to use L

This style is wide, you can choose the recommended size according to your actual height.
It has the most comfortable loose effect, and can still be layered comfortably with thick tops such as Hoodie in winter.
If your height is exactly between the two recommended sizes,
Choose the smaller size for a slightly loose fit, or the larger size for a relaxed fit.

|Color inspiration|

WOLF GRAY wolf gray
To continue the cool and quiet gray and blue of Hoodie at dawn,
Presenting the concept of a more protective shell,
So I extracted the blue element and pulled the color scale to lower saturation and chroma.
A bit cold and noble gray,
Like a cold gray wolf, in the white snow,
A mysterious, dangerous, and fleeting gray shadow.

|Ping volume data|


Dress length 68/chest width 66/shoulder width 57/sleeve length 56/hem width 66

M clothing length 70/chest width 68/shoulder width 59/sleeve length 58/hem width 68

L length 72/chest width 70/shoulder width 61/sleeve length 60/hem width 70

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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