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|Features Overview|

- unrestrained Loose-fitting short top suitable for warm winter onion style wear

- The back is sewn and cut in an inverted T shape, with different stitching methods in the vertical and horizontal directions.

- The silhouette is square and the special seams on the shoulders present a natural rounded shoulder arc.

- The fabric feels delicate, soft and high-weight, and can present an elegant drape.

- The first item to be equipped with the brand's new woven label, which combines the image of the Chinese name "tieri"

|Introduction to Fabric|

-Made from combed double-sided cotton blend

-Comfortable softness of cotton and silky smoothness of man-made fiber

- Skin-friendly, comfortable, elastic, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to shrink, etc.

-The surface layer is soft knitted, it is recommended to wash it before wearing it

|Creative Concept|

This autumn and winter style LOOSE PK WAFFLE “T” TEE,
Starting from winter interior pieces that can be used easily by everyone,
Taking the loose version as the keynote, the most basic T-shirt is deconstructed and reorganized .

This time it is made of double-sided cotton blended fabric, and the outer cotton surface structure has been combed.
The four-corner mesh texture is used to create a high-quality texture, giving the surface a delicate knitted texture.
Under the light and shadow, it has a concave and convex layer like WAFFLE.
It can show natural and beautiful lines when stationary or moving;
The inner material has a completely different texture from the outer layer. It is smooth and skin-friendly.
It also has moderate elasticity and anti-wrinkle effects, providing the ultimate skin enjoyment when worn alone.

The fabric with its own weight is paired with a special cutting structure.
After several detailed corrections, adjustments and actual upper body measurements of different body types,
It is cut with round shoulder seams and a loose and square silhouette to achieve a loose fit that suits all body types.
Because the stitching on the back is shaped like an inverted T and the surface is like a waffle, it is named WAFFLE “T” TEE.

This time, we launch three basic colors that are essential for your wardrobe .
Choose FASHION BLACK, which is deeper and more fashionable, respectively.
NEUTRAL LIGHT GRAY with a warm texture and CREAM WHITE with its own elegance,
It also injects the brand new brand woven label of Department of Japan, which cleverly combines the Chinese characters " Department of " and " Day ".
It is presented with a high-density woven label, sewn low-key on the hem of the clothes, half on the outside and half on the inside.
Convey that this item has character and style both inside and out.

Through tailoring, fabrics and details, this LOOSE PK WAFFLE “T” TEE,
Even when worn alone, it doesn't look too thin, and is suitable for onion layering in winter when the temperature difference between inside and outside is large.
It creates a natural and elegant atmosphere no matter when you wear it.
It is a daily style suitable for wearing more than three times a week.

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg Wearing M

Model: 173cm 65kg Wear M

Model: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model: 161cm 60kg, wearing S

Model: 184cm 68kg, wearing L

|Ping volume data|

S Dress length 75/chest width 59/shoulder width 61/sleeve length 25/hem width 58

M Dress length 76/chest width 61/shoulder width 62/sleeve length 25/hem width 60

L length 77/chest width 63/shoulder width 63/sleeve length 26/hem width 62

XL length 78/chest width 65/shoulder width 63/sleeve length 27/hem width 64

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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