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|Introduction to Fabric|

- Brand-customized MIT water-repellent functional fabric made in Taiwan, exclusive self-dyed high-end ice gray

- A must-have high-density nylon fabric in summer, which is light and wear-resistant, skin-friendly, cool and quick-drying.

- Extremely light weight and not easy to wrinkle, easy to carry when traveling in spring and summer, and no burden when traveling abroad

|Features Overview|

- Slightly loose fit and three-dimensional tailoring to increase breathability and airiness.

- Deepened front and rear crotch panels enhance visual enhancement and ensure leg room.

- Built-in elastic at the waist, supplemented by metal buckle drawstrings, with a wide adjustable range of waist circumference

- Added super soft and breathable mesh lining, and changed the pocket cloth to mesh to prevent sticking and increase breathability

- Diagonally opened pockets with YKK zippers and gray tone cords, Low-key tonal logo embroidery at right rear hem

|Environmentally friendly clothing label|

- Retro-washed look, Made in Taiwan, OEKO-TEX certified

- The ink is a non-toxic ink imported from the UK and specially designed for environmentally friendly textiles with European regulations.

(The OEKO-TEX mark is one of the world's most famous textile industry marks. It is used to detect whether textiles and garments contain harmful substances that affect human health, and serves as a reference for people to purchase environmentally friendly textiles.)

|Creative Concept|

These functional shorts are improved from the well-received functional shorts planned by THE MOON.
While retaining the original loose silhouette and comfortable and lightweight functional fabrics,
At the same time, new soul is injected into the inside. This time 2.0 has a new large mesh lining inside.
And the extremely silky mesh fabric is specially selected, which greatly improves the sense of security when wearing it.
Prevent sweat from sticking to your body when wearing it, and ensure skin-friendliness when worn for a long time.
While effectively increasing breathability, it further enhances the overall visual width.

The outer shell of the shorts is made of water-repellent functional fabric.
It has the characteristics of light wear resistance and thinness.
Functionally, it can block light water droplets and has a quick-drying function.
And through the configuration of soft-skin mesh, the comfort level is improved.

This brand color selection is the focus of recommendation and must-buy.
Increase the brightness and decrease the saturation of the calm gray tone,
Injecting a little metallic silver creates this cool ice gray color.
It has a cold smell, and the body temperature has dropped by three degrees without wearing it.
Due to the difficulty of dyeing and the extremely high failure rate, it is a high-end special color that rarely appears on the market.

The version has been improved from the slightly shorter setting of previous BOARD SHORTS.
Keep the overall silhouette of the trousers slightly loose and deepen the front and rear crotch panels.
The three-dimensional tailoring and mesh configuration give it good breathability and a full sense of air.
Maintaining a neat silhouette from every angle, it is suitable for various summer matching.

The auxiliary materials have also been upgraded, and the pockets on both sides use YKK plastic steel zippers.
Supplemented by a low-key dark gray textured rope, the storage is safe, practical and beautiful in design.
The waist adopts an elastic waistband and a nylon drawstring with a metal rope buckle to increase the range of wear for different body shapes.
It allows people of different body types to use it easily and can choose the size according to their wearing preferences.

Through the aforementioned detailed settings, auxiliary material upgrades and special color selection,
The shorts of the previous generation are cool, breathable and functional.
Officially pushed to the next level, it will bring you a new feeling this summer.
Definitely a piece you can’t miss this summer!

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg Wearing M

Model in the picture: 173cm 65kg Wear M

Model A: 184cm 70kg, wearing L

Model B: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model C: 161cm 60kg wearing S

If your waist measurement is between two sizes,
You can make a choice based on the effect you want to present.
The smaller size allows for a fitted silhouette.
The larger size provides a loose and comfortable feel.

|Ping volume data|

S waist 66-80 (w26-32)/front crotch length 38/trouser length 49/hip width 110/trouser opening width 33

M waist 76-90 (w30-36)/front crotch length 39/trouser length 50/hip width 122/trouser opening width 35

L waist 82-100 (w32-38)/front crotch length 40/trouser length 51/hip width 128/trouser opening width 37

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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