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|Introduction to Fabric|

- Brand customization MIT made in Taiwan Environmentally friendly nylon material, Ultra -thin and weightless, no burden to wear

- Ultra-high sun protection factor: After inspection, it can block 99% UVA/UVB and resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

- It has a slightly water-repellent surface treatment that can withstand short-term light rain in summer, making it easy to carry when traveling in the city.

- The fabric has passed the tear resistance test. It is thin, yet strong and durable. The first choice for commuting in the hot summer

- The brand's custom-made self-dyed Tana gray green, the surface of the fabric has textured micro-wrinkles, and the hand feels delicate and high-end.

|Features Overview|

- The pants have a loose fit and three-dimensional tailoring, which increases the breathability and airiness of wearing.

- Highly elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring, The waist circumference is adjustable in a wide range and is friendly to all body types.

- Special cut-angle slit side seams lengthen the legs in details and modify the figure.

- Brand-customized YKK zippers & custom-made handles, smooth to the touch, sturdy and durable

- Equipped with pockets on both sides and a practical back pocket, both openings are equipped with zippers and handles for easy commuting.


|Environmentally friendly clothing label|

- Retro-washed look, Made in Taiwan, OEKO-TEX certified

- The ink is a non-toxic ink imported from the UK and specially designed for environmentally friendly textiles with European regulations.

(The OEKO-TEX mark is one of the world's most famous textile industry marks. It is used to detect whether textiles and garments contain harmful substances that affect human health, and serves as a reference for people to purchase environmentally friendly textiles.)

|Creative Concept|

These functional sun protection shorts were born after the functional sun protection jacket.
After the team experienced the prototype of the sun protection jacket,
Its extremely thin, weightless body feel is perfectly transplanted to the lower body.

It connects to the loose silhouette of the jacket and also has a loose and three-dimensional cut.
It has an extremely wide trouser cuff, which maximizes the advantages of breathability. The appropriate trouser length is matched with the special cut-angle side seams of the trouser cuff.
While visually elongating the legs, the slit cut also ensures leg movement space.
Suitable for various situations in daily life, whether driving, cycling, sitting for long periods of time or even exercising.

These shorts are equipped with three pockets, namely diagonal pockets on both sides and a back pocket.
It also comes with YKK customized zippers, lead ropes and SEIZE brand customized special handles.
Improves daily convenience and ensures the safety of items inside the bag while riding.

And because the fabric itself is thin and has natural wrinkles, it is suitable for lazy people and does not require careful care.
Its high sun protection factor is also recommended as the first choice for summer outdoor activities or as a lower body bag for island vacations.

|Color inspiration|

Tana Green Tana Gray Green

The gray-scale color selection that Japan is good at, combined with the special green color,
Create a unique summer color selection with a refreshing visual experience,
Refreshing color for your hot summer.

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg Wearing M

Model in the picture: 173cm 65kg Wear M

Model A: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model B: 161cm 60kg wearing S

Therefore, the shorts are designed with high elasticity.
If your waist measurement is between two sizes,
You can make a choice based on the effect you want to present.
The smaller size allows for a fitted silhouette.
The larger size provides a loose and comfortable feel.

|Ping volume data|

S waist 66-80 (w26-31)/front crotch length 34.5/trouser length 49/hip width 58/trouser opening width 33

M waist 76-90 (w30-36)/front crotch length 35.5/trouser length 50/hip width 66/trouser opening width 34

L Waist circumference 80-100 (w32-40)/front crotch length 36.5/trouser length 51/hip width 71/trouser opening width 35

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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