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|Features Overview|

- MIT independently developed yarn and fabric production, thick-pound pure cotton lining with fine thick velvet bristles

-Slightly loose fit, moderately oversized dropped shoulders, comfortable and unrestricted movement

-The body of the hat is made of double-layer fabric with special midline tailoring, so it can maintain a neat appearance whether it is put down or put on.

-The large front hand pocket is equipped with a glasses pocket, a small detail that is convenient for daily use.

- YKK zipper pocket on left waist, custom satin webbing at the front

- The back is equipped with the brand's new woven label item, which combines the image of the Chinese name "tieri"

|Introduction to Fabric|

- MIT exclusively developed thick 100% cotton fabric, which feels delicate, thick and not heavy.

-The interior is made of fine, thick-pile bristles, using high-standard manufacturing methods that are not prone to pilling.

- The thread is made of elastic high-density weaving, which is soft to the touch and resistant to pulling. Added elastic fiber will not loosen easily after repeated washing.

- The brand's self-dyed dyeing and washing color fastness reaches level 4, and it is not easy to fade after repeated washing.

|Creative Concept|

Following the launch of SEIZE, the first Japanese product in early 2023,
Number 000 Flush of Dawn Logo Hoodie,
A year of accumulated nutrients,
Welcome the new Hoodie number 000 Breaking Dawn,
When dawn means the sun climbs above the horizon, when the sun will push away the clouds,
That is
the most peaceful moment for the earth, sky and heart.

This Daybreak Hoodie fabric,
Following the original 000 brand custom-made thick-pound pure cotton made in Taiwan,
Everything from yarn to fabric is independently developed and produced. This time the yarn density has been upgraded.
Improve the solidity of the fabric,
increase the overall weight and visual width.
At the same time, it remains soft, comfortable but not heavy.

The style is also the same as the first generation, which has just the right loose fit.
Not too wide, with a neat and slightly loose silhouette.
The double-needle stitching on the shoulders and armholes increases the smoothness of the outline.
The combination can be casual or lazy.
There is no restriction in the activities, and the upper body effect is natural.
It is a warm item with high daily use rate in winter.

The Daybreak version does not destroy the structure of the classic Hoodie.
Added functional details that are different from ordinary Hoodie:
There is a glasses pocket on the upper edge of the large front hand pocket.
for most glasses.
While increasing convenience, it can also highlight the styling effect of personal taste.

There is also a hidden vertical zipper pocket on the left waist.
The zipper adopts Japanese YKK zipper.
The zipper puller is tied with a brand-customized satin ribbon.
To improve the usability of pockets, two low-key details are designed.
Not only does it bring surprises to the new version,
It brings more convenience to the most practical item in winter.

The inside of the Hoodie is also the focus of this model.
The thick velvet inner bristles are made using high-standard manufacturing methods.
The extremely fine bristle feel provides the purest comfort and warmth to the body.
Excellent skin-friendliness and warm and delicate texture. The thread adopts elastic high-density weaving method to closely fit the wrist.
With a foldable length design, it brings more possibilities for dressing.

This time, the SEIZE Japanese high-density square woven label is injected into the back.
Combining the characters "西" and "日" in the brand's Chinese name "西日",
The base color is gray, the brand’s representative color.
It is sewn on the back and under the hat body to achieve the finishing touch and convey the low-key, simplicity and texture that remain unchanged throughout the series.

The color chosen for this brand customization is "Breaking Dawn"
The night sky is lifted, the hazy and gentle light,
The sky is gradually dyed like a gradient palette,
There is a touch of blue in it that takes your breath away,
It is a very peaceful and quiet gray-blue,
It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment,
It is also the color inspiration of this Hoodie.
Combining the white light cutting through the horizon and the coldness in the morning air,
The appearance is different under different light sources.
Between gray and light blue, low saturation and extremely low vividness,
It is a kind of gray-blue color that makes your eyes stay focused and your heart becomes calm unconsciously.

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg, wear M slightly loose, wear L loose

Model: 173cm 65kg, wear M

Model: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model: 184cm 68kg, wearing L

Model: 161cm 60kg, wearing S

Height 155-168, it is recommended to use S

Height 165-178, it is recommended to use M

Height 175-185, it is recommended to use L

Height 180-190, it is recommended to wear XL

The version is wider than the general Hoodie style. You can choose the recommended size according to your actual height.
That is the most comfortable slightly loose effect. If your height is between the two recommended sizes,
Choose the smaller size for a fitted fit or the larger size for a loose fit.

|Color inspiration|

Taken from the moment of dawn in the morning,
The sky will gradually change from orange in the distance to blue and white towards the horizon.
And there is a fleeting touch of gray-blue,
A bit cool, quiet and breathtakingly beautiful, this is the Daybreak color selection.
*Due to custom dyeing and bristle treatment on the lining, it is recommended to wash before use.

|Ping volume data|

S Dress length 70/chest width 57/shoulder width 54/sleeve length 65/hem width 47

M clothing length 72/chest width 59/shoulder width 56/sleeve length 67/hem width 50

L length 73/chest width 62/shoulder width 58/sleeve length 69/hem width 52

XL length 76/chest width 64/shoulder width 60/sleeve length 71/hem width 54

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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