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|Features Overview|

- The best-selling functional tapered pants, the new version has a slightly longer length and is suitable for a wider range of heights and body shapes.

- The crotch is cut with a three-dimensional design to expand the range of movement of the legs, making it easy to wear when traveling in autumn and winter.

- Fitted hidden zip pockets on both sides. The lining is upgraded to silky and durable mesh to enhance breathability.

-Trousers are The new material rope is equipped with a metal rope buckle design, making it more body-friendly during use.

- Continuing last year’s well-received cold smoke gray selection, and adding a dark ink gray suitable for autumn and winter that is low-key and durable.

|Introduction to Fabric|

- MIT Taiwan-made functional fabric containing Sorona® elastic fiber , with high strength and stiffness

-The fabric is comfortable and soft, has good elastic recovery, is easy to wash, quick-drying and not wrinkle-resistant, and the fabric is naturally stain-resistant.

|Creative Concept|

After nearly a year of baptism, and after absorbing feedback and experience accumulation from countless consumers,
Decided to reboot The Moon's masterpiece "TECH TAPERED EASY PANTS",
And bring a more complete and mature Version 2.

The shape of the pants maintains a tapered silhouette that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. After many attempts, adjustments and sample testing,
The length of the V2 version of the pants has been slightly increased to fit a variety of heights and body shapes.
The trousers legs are matched with the overall loose cut and neatly finished, showing their graceful lines whether stationary or moving.

The fabric this time uses the same functional fabric as the previous generation. It feels smooth, skin-friendly, soft and comfortable.
Contains Sorona® elastic fiber to make it comfortable to wear.
Elastic, easy to wash, quick-drying, good color fastness, anti-wrinkle and other functions,
It is also naturally stain-resistant, so light-colored styles can be used with confidence.

The new version has enhanced elasticity on the waist to increase the range of adjustment during use.
It is supplemented by a new material strap, and the inside of the pocket is upgraded to a silky mesh lining.

In terms of sizes, S and XL have been added, giving more possibilities for different wearing habits.

There are two colors launched this season, the cold smoke gray that was very popular in the previous generation and the new restrained and low-key dark gray.
Because the tone of these pants is between casual and formal,
The moderate thickness and versatile tapered silhouette make it a perfect match for any length of pants or shoes.
It can easily create a comfortable sense of balance without much assistance. It is a versatile pant that can be used in all fields.

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg Wearing M

Model: 173cm 65kg Wear M

Model: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model: 161cm 60kg, wearing S

|Ping volume data|

S waist 68-74 (w26-29)/front crotch length 35/trouser leg length 63/trouser length 93/hip circumference 112/thigh circumference 62/trouser opening width 17.5

M waist 76-84 (w30-33)/front crotch length 36/trouser leg length 64/trouser length 94/hip circumference 118/thigh circumference 64/trouser opening width 18

L waist 80-92 (w32-36)/front crotch length 37/trouser leg length 66/trouser length 95/hip circumference 124/thigh circumference 66/trouser opening width 18.5

XL waist 84-104 (w34-40)/front crotch length 38/leg length 67/pant length 96/hip circumference 128/thigh circumference 68/pant opening width 19

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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