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|Features Overview|

- Unrestricted oversize fit, long-sleeved top suitable for onion-style wear from warm winter to early spring.

- Moderately dropped shoulders and huge armhole cut, comfortable and unrestricted movement. Good comfort for long-term use

- Equipped with the brand's new woven label item, which combines the image of the Chinese name "tieri"

|Introduction to Fabric|

- MIT Made in Taiwan, feels heavy and soft: made of Tencel, Poly, and OP elastic yarn blends

- The skin contact surface contains Tencel, which feels silky and delicate. Elastic yarn makes it moderately elastic and stretchable

- The fabric is smooth and wrinkle-resistant, highly comfortable and wide, making it suitable for all-day wear

|Creative Concept|

Created with the concept of all-day use from winter to early spring .

This TENCEL LONG SLEEVES is made of MIT special fabric selected by the team.
The fabric is blended with Tencel, POLY, and OP elastic yarn.
The unique silky and supple touch when the properties are combined makes onion-style dressing no longer limited.
It has the texture of cotton and has the most appropriate thickness.
It can be used for daily wear from winter to late spring, and is the best choice for a seamless upper body when the seasons change.

The version is cut with a loose silhouette, providing an unrestricted and comfortable feeling when wearing it.
The elastic ribbing on the sleeves creates a natural feeling of accumulation on the wrist when worn.
Paired with the natural puffiness of the fabric texture, it is not only suitable for daily matching and outdoor wear .
Its comfort level is also very suitable for home use .

This color selection is LIMESTONE lime and BASALT basalt gray.
One deep and one light each have their own unique gray tones, no matter how dark or light they are,
Both have a boutique-grade glossy appearance, injecting a gray-toned high-end atmosphere into the wardrobe
It is a piece that can be worn with any style from winter to late spring .

|Color inspiration|

The two color selections this time are inspired by rocks in nature.
Light color LIMESTONE is taken from limestone,
It is a gray rock generated in sea and lake basins.
Like an elegant off-white that embraces everything.

|Size Guide|

LoLoFu: 168cm 62kg, wearing medium loose

Model: 173cm 65kg, wear M

Model: 178cm 70kg, wearing L

Model: 184cm 68kg, wearing L

Model: 161cm 60kg, wearing S

Height 155-165, it is recommended to use S
Height 165-178, it is recommended to use M
Height 175-185, it is recommended to use L
Height 180up, XL recommended

This model has a loose fit. It is recommended to choose the recommended size according to your actual height, which is the most comfortable loose effect.
If your height is exactly between the two recommended sizes,
Choose the smaller size for a slightly loose fit, or the larger size for a relaxed fit.

|Ping volume data|

S  Dress length 72/chest width 62/shoulder width 63/sleeve length 59/hem width 65

M  Dress length 73.5/chest width 65/shoulder width 64/sleeve length 60/hem width 67

L Dress length 74/chest width 67/shoulder width 65/sleeve length 61/hem width 69

XL Clothing length 75.5/chest width 70/shoulder width 66/sleeve length 62/hem width 72

The unit is centimeters (cm). The flat measurement error of plus or minus two centimeters is an international inspection standard.

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